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The Faces of Fuse: Ben Wright


How well do you know your neighbors?

At Fuse Cambridge, our community’s happiness is our number one priority! Our team makes a point of getting to know our residents and encourage our community to do the same! Our “The Faces of Fuse” blog offers you the chance to get to know the amazing people part of our Fuse community!

Check out our interview with resident, Ben Wright.

What are your hobbies?

• Sailing in Boston harbor (In the summertime!)
• Currently reading 1 book by an author from every country
• Running / Swimming / Biking
• Learning Arabic

What is your favorite travel destination?

Puerto Rico

What is your favorite amenity at Fuse Cambridge?

The cafe, where I can get up in the morning, say hi, and grab a coffee!

How did you find out about Fuse Cambridge?

My roommate!

What is your favorite restaurant in the Alewife/Cambridge area?

Iggy's Bread of the World! Just realized why it smells like fresh bread when I step outside of Fuse. Amazing and SO close.

What has been your favorite event at Fuse Cambridge so far?

The brunch!

What is the best part about living in the Alewife/Cambridge area?

Serene, quiet, & open areas, with easy access to the city.

What do you like most about your neighbors?

Everyone is so polite, cultured, and accomplished! I haven't met a single person I didn't like.

The Faces of Fuse: Ben Wright