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Spanish and Japanese Cuisines Merge at Pagu


Flavors like peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese are classic examples of two good things coming together to create something even better. But what about the combination of two distinct cuisines? A visit to Pagu, on Massachusetts Avenue, will show you just how amazing it can be.

Now in its fourth month, this restaurant has established itself as one of the most interesting ones you’ll find in Cambridge. Here, both Spanish and Japanese flavors combine with one another harmoniously to create a menu that is exciting and mouth-wateringly tempting. The four-course tasting option is certainly tantalizing, but it’s Pagu’s a la carte menu is where the possibilities seem limitless. Traditional Spanish jamon is found alongside curry crab croquetas, fried rice, and noodle bowls. Diners who are new to fusion cuisine are in for a delightful surprise!