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Perfect Your Downward Dog at Black Crow Yoga


You don't have to choose between strength training or a cardio workout at Black Crow Yoga — its signature flow yoga classes incorporate both. While quick transitions from one pose to the next get your blood pumping, the challenge of holding postures builds heat in your muscles.

Some heat also comes from the studio itself, which the team keeps at a balmy 85 degrees. The heat helps you sink deeper into poses as your muscles become more limber and flexible. While you move through the vigorous yoga routine, you'll probably find that the stresses of the day melt away. As you focus on the physical, your mind clears and you begin to live in the present. This is a skill that, with regular practice, yogis can carry with them all day long, even when they're not at class. Sign up for a class at Black Crow Yoga to begin (or continue) the journey to a healthier you.