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Now Open Near Fuse Cambridge: Usushi Café


Your sushi-loving brain is going to be spinning when you see the menu at Usushi Café. There are so many choices, and they are all so reasonably priced. Usushi Café has 27 maki rolls, 18 different sashimi options, dons, combo platters, and that’s before you even take a look at the hot and cold starters. Your best bet is to order early and often, and their online ordering tool makes that especially easy. Usushi Café also has an impressive selection of milk teas, smoothies, and slushies. The caramel chocolate milk tea and mango slush taste like dessert, or you can keep it light and fresh with lychee green tea or a matcha latte. 

If you decide to dine in at Usushi Café, expect a casual experience (plastic silverware and dishes), but those little short cuts equate to a lower price on your next takeout bill. Usushi Café has only been open a few months, but is already racking up a strong set of reviews on Yelp. Find them in Arlington Center.