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Master the Art of Relaxation at Samara Yoga


You take a slow, steady breath. You sink a little deeper into a cushy bolster. You let the cozy warmth of your blanket envelope you from head to toe. You relax—truly, authentically, fully. This is how it'll go when you come to a restorative class at Samara Yoga. The class enlists postures that are designed specifically to open the heart and soothe the nervous system, which are helpful tools to take with you beyond the yoga studio.

In a way, all of the sessions at Samara are restorative, even if they involve more athletic effort. For instance, you'll leave a Vinyasa class feeling refreshed. This fast-flowing class challenges yogis to slip from one pose to the next, seamlessly, and breathe with intention along the way. It exhausts your muscles in a way that not only builds strength, but also might help you sleep better and cope with stress. Hatha classes, on the other hand, emphasize static poses more than the movements that connect them. However, alignment and breath are just as important in Hatha as Vinyasa. Pick your session and come to Samara Yoga to unwind.

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