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Latest Luxury: Wellness Amenities


This article was originally published by The Boston Herald and is written by Paul Restuccia.

New luxury apartment complexes often try to outdo one another by offering out-of-this-world amenities — and now a year-old Cambridge luxury building is becoming the first outfit in New England to provide tenants with aromatherapy machines, air and water purifiers, dawn-simulation clocks and circadian mood lighting.

It sounds like science fiction, but it’s the latest in what’s called biophilic design — a style aimed at bringing nature inside the living space.

The 244-unit Fuse Cambridge is already a silver LEED-certified property that features an interior living wall with 1,500 plants and is adjacent to the 120-acre Alewife Brook Reservation.

But now Fuse developer Hines Interests and property manager Bozzuto are introducing a program called Well Signature — the brainchild of New York company Delos — whose goal is to improve the quality of interior air and water and to provide mood lighting to regulate hormonal balance, appetite, sleep, productivity and energy.

“We’re in the early innings of a wellness transformation that will do for the interior environment what LEED did for building construction,” says Steven Black, vice president of Delos Signature.

For between $125-$225 a month depending on services and apartment size, Fuse tenants can be outfitted with everything from purifiers to remove toxins from air and water to blackout shades to improve sleep quality.

Fuse Cambridge property manager Nathan Lopez said 90 percent of the apartments are now leased and retention will be competitive. The wellness equipment package, Lopez said, can be installed in between two and three hours by the maintenance staff.

“You can’t create a bigger lobby or a bigger lounge, but with this you can offer tenants something unique,” Lopez said.

Fuse model apartment 216, a 1,024-square-foot two-bedroom unit renting for around $3,700 a month, has been outfitted with the $225 a month Well Signature Plus package.

The living area features a state-of-the-art air purifier as well as an aroma­therapy machine with four natural oil scents that calm, sleep, energize or focus. The kitchen area has a water purifier attached to the main faucet, and color-changing track lighting overhead.

In the master bedroom, circadian mood lighting allows tenants to create­ hues that energize or relax via a wall-mounted tap or smartphone app. An electric-controlled blackout shade on the window removes light from the room to enhance sleep. To enhance gradual waking, a dawn-simulation alarm clock brightens to sunlike intensity over 30 minutes.

In the master bathroom, a portable energizing light on the sink glows with blue light to assist tenants as they wake up. The shower head even has a vitamin C infuser that scrubs chlorine out of the water and reduces skin dryness.

“What we do is the human interface with how people live every day,” Black said. “It helps transition you from day to night and night to day.”

Aaron Shank, a Fuse Cambridge resident since January, attended a recent demonstration and says that he’s intrigued by the Well Signature program.

“I travel a lot for my job and suffer from jet lag,” said Shank, who says that he mixes his own aromatherapy oils. “The blackout shade is especially appealing to me to help with sleeping.”

Latest Luxury: Wellness Amenities