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Indulge in Authentic French Treats at Somerville's Caramel French Patisserie


For Chef Dimitri Vallier, baking is in his blood. His great-grandfather was the first in the clan to break into the business when he opened up a family shop in France in 1931. Now nearly 90 years later, Dimitri carries on the culinary traditions that he learned as a boy in South Central France. He teams up with sister Sophie, a seasoned businesswoman, to bring them to Caramel French Patisserie in Somerville.

Northshore magazine has consistently rated Caramel French Patisserie among the top eateries in the area, so you won't want to miss an opportunity to try its classic French treats. Chef Dimitri specializes in chocolate, so try the Royal Au Chocolate for a decadent dessert. The almond dacquoise pastry is layered with chocolate mousse and chocolate mirror glaze with a shimmering gold leaf on top. Don't miss the macarons, either, which come in flavors like coffee, salted caramel, and Earl Grey tea. If you want to pick up a crusty baguette or a few croissants to serve with dinner, Caramel French Patisserie offers these, as well.