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How to Make the Most of a Pet-Friendly Home at Fuse Cambridge


We understand that living with a pet can be “rough” at times (pun intended), especially near a bustling city without your own dedicated outdoor space. Nevertheless, at Fuse Cambridge, the usual worries of apartment living with your pooch are taken care of thanks to our prime location, pet amenities, and our team’s dedication to your pet’s happiness.

Check out these Top 5 Apartment Pet Care Tips to find out how YOU and your companion can make the most out of a new home at Fuse Cambridge.

  1. Get Outside


The No 1. rule to remember when caring for your pooch is to make sure that they get exercise! Taking them out to the nearest dog park or bringing them on a walk is essential to their health and happiness.

Fortunately, Fuse is located directly adjacent to the Alewife Brook Reservation, making this stunning and dog-friendly trail a conveniently close walk from your home.

Not only will your pet have the opportunity to be active, but you will as well! Enjoy the fresh air together and head out on the Alewife trails. Just be sure to remember your doggie bags!

  1. Provide Your Pet with Space


Dogs find it easier to relax and wind down if they have their own space, so create a little slice of heaven for your buddy in an accessible area of your apartment home. Put a dog bed, some toys, and his food and water bowls in this corner for when some solitude and rest is needed. After all, a day of tail-chasing and barking at the local squirrels can be quite draining.

  1. Start a Routine


Dogs thrive when they have a routine. Try to take your dog for a walk at the same time each morning and evening so they know when to expect it. Aim for feeding them at the same time each day as well. Once your dog is on a schedule, they will have a better idea of when they will eat and go outside. This will create both mentality and physical happiness for your pup, as well as a sense of security.

Despite the fact that all dog owners strive for a tight schedule, the team at Fuse Cambridge understands your day doesn’t always go according to plan and that you can’t always be home to take your pooch out! To help you and your pooch stay on track we offer a dog walking service for when you’re tied up and looking for a quick solution. Interested in setting up a schedule with us? Connect with us for more information!

  1. Plan Doggie Play Dates




Playing with your dog and giving them affection is critical for their mental health and development, but spending time with other dogs is just as important for their social skills.

As Fuse, you can sign up for our Canine Club and meet other dogs (and dog parents) within our community! Our front lobby (where you’ll always find a jar or two filled with treats) is yet another great spot to sit and socialize with other pooches of Fuse.

  1. Keep Your Pooch Squeaky Clean


One of the most important things to remember when washing your dog is to use a mild dog-shampoo to prevent irritation and scratching! Most dogs do not need baths more than once every month or so, but this can vary depending on how dirty your dog gets during daily activities. If your dog loves the outdoors as much as our team, then chances are, they will need a frequent bath.

The mess and stress of bath time isn’t your favorite? Don’t fret. Just on stop by and make an appointment with our Dog Washing Services and have a clean pup brought back to your home.

We hope you find these quick tips from our team to be helpful for both you and your furry friend as you join our community.

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How to Make the Most of a Pet-Friendly Home at Fuse Cambridge