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Gen Sou En Serves Farm-to-Cup Green Tea


In Japan, brewing tea is an art form. When Gen Sou En opened three months ago in Brookline, it was with the goal to import that artistry. To that end, the tea house's staff brews three specialty blends of green tea: the mellow and smooth Umami, the deep and complex Kokumi, and the sharp and intense Shibumi.

The team keeps a careful eye on the temperature of the tea in order to craft a full-bodied cup, but the artistry doesn't start there. It begins thousands of miles away where Japanese tea masters cultivate the signature green tea blends and harvest them with great care. In fact, "Gen Sou En" means "farm to cup." So come to the tea house to order a pot of the green tea or savor one of the other gourmet beverages, like nitro cold brew coffee. Along with fresh baked goods and entrees for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the tea provides an authentic Japanese experience.