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Gamers Will Love Playing and Drinking at A4cade by Area Four


Where can you find grilled cheese sandwiches, tasty cocktails, and pinball machines all in one place? At A4cade by Area Four, a brand new barcade off Massachusetts Avenue. Guests say it’s the best thing to hit the area in a long time!

Outrageous drinks such as the Rainbow Road arrive at your table complete with a unicorn garnish, while arcade games are plentiful and costs are fair. This hidden pub hosts gamers from all over Cambridge to enjoy a beer beneath the Pacman ceiling or battle it out at skee ball. Patrons love the mighty rib melt, and claim their infamous cocktails always come dressed up to the nines. A4cade is the kind of bar that puts a Princess Peach icon on the women’s restroom door, and a Doctor Who tardis hidden in the tetris bar shelves. Patrons love frequenting this game-and-drink spot, and enjoy their light snack options just as often as their grilled cheeses, such as truffle tots and loaded fries. Stop by between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m. any night of the week.