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#Foodies Rejoice! Good Food on Four Wheels!


Hey, hey, Cambridge residents! With the warmer weather approaching, you’ll soon be enjoying your lunch outside in the sunshine and fresh air! But that’s not even the best part…you also get the added benefit of four-wheel outdoor dining – perfect for on-the-go folks desiring an accessible yet delicious meal!

Food trucks in Cambridge provide many fun and interesting variations of food for buyers, making the area a perfect place to eat for Foodies on the go. From Vietnamese cuisine to stacks of syrup-covered waffles, these local food trucks are sure to leave you satisfied.

Check out this list of popular trucks you can find nearby to help you and your tummy navigate the lunchtime rush!


Saté Grill-on-Wheels:

Food Truck blog 2

Enjoy sizzling hot Saigon and Southeast Asian street food when you stop by Saté Grill-on-Wheels. All meals are woked, baked, and grilled fresh daily. Nearly all ingredients are sourced locally while small items on the menu are made from scratch. Nothing better than a homemade meal, eh?

As a bonus, you’ll be happy to find that there are no preservatives or artificial flavorings in these tasty treats.

Bon Me:

Food Truck blog 3

Check out Bon Me on your next break and try their famous Vietnamese Cuisine. Including a variety of sandwiches, rice bowls, and noodle salads, Bon Me’s dishes are made from scratch and always filled with fresh ingredients! Their menu also includes numerous vegan, vegetarian and gluten friendly options for those with strict diets.

You’ll rarely find this popular truck without a hungry crowd closing in around it.

Zinneken’s Waffle Truck:

Food Truck blog 4

Curve your craving and satisfy your sweet tooth by stopping by Zinneken’s Belgian Waffle Truck. Treat yourself to the sugary goodness you deserve and try out their delicious waffles, decorated with your choice of chocolate or caramel sauce, different variations of fruit, and powdered sugar sprinkled on top. Now THAT’S an afternoon snack.

Zinneken’s “Berries Insanity” includes strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, Oreos, confection sugar, and whipped cream.


Clover Food Truck at MIT:

Food Truck blog 5

Vegetarian and vegan menus are becoming more accessible than ever! Especially with trucks like Clover roaming the streets.

Clover Food Truck has an entirely vegetarian/vegan menu. All items contain locally sourced ingredients and are served as fresh as they sound. The menu includes breakfast items, coffee, salads, soups, sandwiches, and a few crazy creations to discover for yourself!


There you have it! A handful of food trucks you are sure to find in the area!

Make sure you AND your stomach enjoy this spring and summer season with Cambridge’s top food trucks.

Ready, Set, EAT!

Food Truck blog 6


#Foodies Rejoice! Good Food on Four Wheels!