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Fitness Junkies United! #MyFuseFit takes Healthy Habits to a National Level



At Fuse Cambridge, our community and team strive to achieve and promote a healthy environment. From offering DareU Fitness classes, to supplying delicious organic snacks and drinks, to bringing the outdoors into our home, and to offering blogs with fitness tips and tricks, it’s plain to see that we are a little addicted to healthy living – an observation we love to hear!




Sharing the Love!

Building on our commitment to creating a healthy and positive community, we introduced #MyFuseFit! A social media contest developed by our team to encourage fitness routines during the winter months while sharing our love for a healthy lifestyle! Kicking-off in January 2016, our contest encouraged Fuse Cambridge residents and locals to submit images of their favorite fitness routines that keep them healthy and happy during the winter season. Submissions also required the use of our hashtag.


But we didn’t expect what would happen next. Our social media contest generated a huge amount of interest on across a number of networks, particularly Facebook, where the campaign saw over 20,000 impressions, 55 shares, and 1,505 clicks!


It seemed that overnight, our quest to share our love for healthy living went national when our winner, Tessa Bourgeois, a resident of Louisiana received 366 total likes on her photo, with the second place finisher earning 238 likes.

#MyFuseFit Winner Tessa

“Fitness is an important part of my life and participating in a contest like this helps to spread awareness and promote healthier lifestyles,” commented Bourgeois. “I would like to thank Fuse Cambridge for providing this contest opportunity and plan to use the $250 to support breast cancer awareness, and the Fitbit to reinforce my fitness goals.”


The team at Fuse remains dedicated promoted to healthy living as well…


“One of our top priorities at Fuse Cambridge, in addition to providing a premier living experience, is to promote and encourage healthy living for our residents and surrounding community,” said Nathan Lopez, Property Manager at Fuse Cambridge. “We were thrilled with the number of submissions for our “MyFuseFit” contest, and love seeing examples of the area’s dedication to fitness even during the difficult winter. We will continue to reinforce this message inside and outside of our community in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.”

Giving Back to the Community!


In addition to awarding Tessa with a $250 Visa® Gift Card and Fitbit Charge HRTM our team wanted to find a way to not only voice our love for a healthy lifestyle, but also a healthy world.

In light of this goal, our team took the opportunity to donate to Ocean River Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to saving wildlife and protecting ecosystems! If you frequent locations like the Alewife Reservation, this is a foundation that we recommend becoming familiar with.

What’s Next…

Our team had a fantastic time learning about the healthy lifestyles within and outside of our community! Be sure to be on the lookout for social contests to come. And always remember to love your body, mind, and the environment around you!

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Fitness Junkies United! #MyFuseFit takes Healthy Habits to a National Level