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Enjoy the Fresh Taste of Hawaiian Cuisine at Pokeworks


If you're craving fresh, flavorful seafood and healthy veggies, stop into Pokeworks on Elm Street in Davis Square. Located less than two miles from Fuse Cambridge apartments, Pokeworks is a fast-casual restaurant specializing in Hawaiian poke.

The restaurant claims sustainability in all of its practices, especially the fish it sources, so guests can feel good about choosing to dine at Pokeworks. Utilizing the popular customizable menu model, Pokeworks allows guests to craft their perfect dish. Guests order at the counter and watch as staff members put their order together. Starting with a base of sushi rice bowl, burrito or salad, diners pick add their favorite fish, mix-ins and toppings. Portions are known for being generous, and prices are reasonable, making Pokeworks a popular spot. The line can get pretty long, especially during heavy meal times, so make sure to leave yourself ample time to get in and out with your food.