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Discover Breads from Various Countries at Iggy's Bread of the World


It is remarkable that, despite innumerable differences of climate and culture, nearly every civilization on the planet has developed its own form of bread, and at Iggy’s Bread of the World, customers can experience a wide range of organic, slow-rise, naturally leavened breads right in their own neighborhood.

The owners, Igor Ivanovic and Ludmilla Luft, have overseen this Cambridge bakery since it opened in 1994. Over the years they’ve expanded both the wholesale and retail businesses, with the culmination being the purchase of an old flour warehouse on Fawcett Street, which they transformed into Iggy’s world headquarters. Yelp reviewers who’ve visited the Fawcett Street location love its sweet and savory croissants, freshly-baked baguettes and sourdough loaves, as well as the chewy bagels and overstuffed deli sandwiches. Be aware that Iggy’s is so popular with the locals that the store sometimes sells out of loaves by the early afternoon, so make sure you stop by early in the day.