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Create Your Own Customizable Oatmeal at Oat Shop


Oat Shop is proud to advertise itself as "Boston's First Oatmeal Cafe," and it's a unique eatery that you'll definitely want to try! Plenty of Yelp reviewers say they weren't quite sure what to expect on their first visit, but after trying the tasty oatmeals, they were hooked!

Here's how it works: you start by deciding whether you want a sweet, savory, or custom bowl of oatmeal. Then, you choose your main flavors and add-ons. Diners with a sweet tooth might enjoy an apple pie-style bowl, mixed with house-made apple sauce, and topped with maple syrup, granola, and steamed milk. If you prefer savory flavors you might choose a bowl topped with roasted sweet potatoes and coconut curry sauce. No matter what you choose, you'll leave feel full and ready to take on the day!