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Build Strength and Reduce Stress at Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio


When physical therapist Caren Connarton discovered Pilates almost 20 years ago, she knew that it was an exercise regimen that would perfectly suit her athletic clientele. After falling in love with the practice, she opened Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio to offer a workout space for both her existing patients and folks who just wanted to get in shape.  

Today, the studio thrives with its combination of a variety of different Pilates options, as well as barre and specialty classes. Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio has Pilatoga (a gentle combination of yoga and Pilates), mat or apparatus classes, and dedicated sessions to pre-natal Pilates. Even the basic mat classes utilize additional props like arc barrels and thera-bands to give you an experience unlike any you’d find at a gym. Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio also keeps group class sizes small for optimal teacher assistance, and also offers private or duet sessions. Find Beyond Fitness Pilates Studio in Cambridge Highlands just off Concord Avenue. They have free on-site parking and plenty of daily time slots to suit your busy schedule.