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5 Things Every Cyclist Needs to Know While Riding in Cambridge


Here at Fuse Cambridge there is nothing we love more than spending our time outdoors. Landmarks like the Alewife Brook Reservation gives us the serenity our residents crave, making it easy for us to enjoy the sweet outdoors of Cambridge while also staying close by the city. With many things to do, biking within this cozy area of Massachusetts has become a common favorite among our residents.

With the warm weather approaching, and our area being a cyclist-friendly environment, what better way to commute than on a bike?

Head out this spring and let your inner adventurer shine through! Enjoy the fresh air, give your body some exercise, and roll through the never-ending trails of Cambridge, MA.

Check out these 5 tips to make your next biking adventure is one you’ll never forget!

  1. Find the Perfect Bike for YOU


Remember that feeling when you got your first bike and you couldn’t wait to ride it? You can relive that moment with The Bike Exchange! This local bike shop will pair you up with the perfect bike, and give your inner kid with the thrill of hopping on a new bike again.

Check out their best deals by following The Bike Exchange on Twitter and Facebook.

  1. Choose a Trail


If you’re going to get out and ride your bike, you might as well do it on a trail that offers both enjoyment and a historical experience. Check out the Minuteman Bikeway for a glimpse of the historical features Cambridge has to offer!

For the more fun and local trails, check out MassBike and choose from a variety of bike trails. Make each ride a new adventure! For more information, follow MassBike on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Bike Safety 101


Worried about riding your bike in the busy streets of Boston? (Who isn’t, right?) Worry no more! Follow these tips when you decide to take your wheels to the streets and avoid getting caught in any sticky situations. Safety always comes first when cycling through the trails of Massachusetts so be sure to check out these rules to have a fun yet safe ride through Cambridge.

  1. Every Bike Needs a Little TLC


Give your bike some tender, loving care at the Hub Bicycle Co. for all you’re your essential bike repair needs. Repairs, enhancements, safety tools, you name it and they can do it! The team will make sure your bike is in tiptop shape for any trail you choose, keeping you worry-free about any flat tires.

For more information, check out their Twitter and Facebook pages!

  1. Be Spontaneous and Give Yourself a Tour


Interested in seeing the city of Cambridge? Why not give yourself a tour on your brand new, well-loved bike? Check out what beautiful landmarks, trails, and back roads Cambridge has to offer while getting to know your new home sweet home.

Don’t want to ride alone? Join a variety of other bikers in the Bike Tours of Cambridge on May 15th, 2016 for a fun-filled, cycling day! Sign up for updates and other tours in the city on their Facebook page.

So, leave your car at home. Enjoy the fresh air, the smell of the greenery growing, the blue skies, and the stunning features of Cambridge, MA. Grab a bike, pick a route, and just cruise!

5 Things Every Cyclist Needs to Know While Riding in Cambridge